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"International Residency, Immigration and Citizenship"

In today’s world where it has been referenced as a “Universal Village”, the need for global mobilization of people is increasingly more clear.

Many wrongly believe that immigration, residency and citizenship are just about “filling forms” when in fact, the immigration and citizenship laws are quite complex and change frequently by their respective governments.

While the forms and guides published on official government websites can be helpful, but they are far from being comprehensive. Also, the available legal information is very hard to understand for the mainstream public and any misinterpretation of the law may result in serious consequences for the applicant(s).

The practice of Global Citizenship and International Residence encompasses the following programs:
  • St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program and Real Estate Investment
  • Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program and Real Estate Investment
  • Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Grenada by Investment Program
  • Malta Individual Investor Program (Malta IIP) and Real Estate Investment
  • Cyprus Citizenship Program and Real Estate Investment
  • USA Investment Immigration Program (Investment Green Card, EB-5)
  • United Kingdom Investment Immigration (Tier 1 Investor Visa) and Entrepreneurial Immigration
  • Canada Investor Immigrant Programs (Quebec IIP)
  • Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program
  • Belgium Residence by Business Investment
  • Spain Residence Program
  • Swiss Real Estate Investment and Residence

“Bridge Canada Immigration Services”

BCIS is a Canadian immigration and Canada Visa services company represented by experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), who is a member in good standing with the “Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council” (ICCRC) and the “Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants” (CAPIC).

Our company is located in the downtown of Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in all types of Canada Visa and Canada Immigration to enter Canada on a temporary or permanent basis with a particular focus on immigration to our beautiful province of British Columbia.

Recently, we have become an in-house Canadian consulting company with our international partners, to become the global leader in international residence and citizenship planning.

Our diverse work experience with Canadian federal government agencies, including the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), helps us adhere to the main requirements and principles of government operations, including those of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Members of the official Immigration Consultants Council are required to follow the latest updates and educate themselves on changes in immigration policy and procedures. Our consultant's academic expertise comes from the discipline of Criminology, thus equipping her with the necessary skills and tools when practicing immigration law.

We are devoted to investing our knowledge, experience and energy into creating new opportunities in immigration practice. We value professional approach, forward-thinking and take every step to help achieve goals for our clients.

“We are here to help you achieve your goal”

  • We asses our client’s needs and profile accurately and offer our services when we feel that we can be of assistance.
  • We present our clients with best possible solutions available to them and advise them of their chances of successful application.
  • We make it easy for you to provide us with required documentation by explaining exactly what we need.
  • We prepare your application files completely and fully, eliminating mistakes, file rejections and returned files for incompleteness.
  • We prepare and submit your application according to particular visa office requirements and legislative governance.
  • We manage your application from start to finish, taking stress off your shoulders and by keeping your updated regularly.
  • We are here to answer any question or concerns at any stage of your application.

Mission: Our company is committed to providing honest, competent and result-oriented service through advising and representing our clients in Canada and overseas in a wide range of immigration, citizenship and residency matters. We focus on providing support, building dependable relationships and promoting success.


Vision: We are striving to closely work with our clients to build trust and bring best solutions to their immigration objectives with adherence to high professional standards and confidentiality. We aim to widen the scope of our services by offering an integrated approach to consulting and creating new opportunities for travellers, businesses and newcomers to Canada, USA, UK and others.

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“Global citizenship means simply being willing to focus on the game, to notice the world and the people in it. It does not mean noticing your world, but the world. It means being conscious of the fact that you, and your country, are not the center of universe. It is the recognition that the world is made up of people with similar needs, desires, responsibilities, and dreams. It is the willingness to connect to people all over the world, realizing that the choices you make each day affect them and that their decisions affect you. It is noticing that the world is your family.” ― Holly Sprink